8 Truly Unique / Interesting things to do in Jordan

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Caveat!! - This blog post is about the really unique stuff that one can do and experience in Jordan. It's not a post which talks about 10 places to go in Jordan or 10 things to do in Jordan or 10 must visit places in Jordan. That is a standard list you will find on many travel blogs therefore what we have tried to curate here are things which are off the beaten path and really out of the ordinary in terms of places to go and things to do.

We went to Jordan in Dec 2014 and didn't do most of these things....wish somebody had compiled such a list for us sigh!!

So for all you guys....we have scanned the entire web to bring you this list and here it goes.......

Bivouac Camping Wadi Run Jordan1. BIVOUAC CAMPING IN WADI RUM

This was the best thing about Jordan according to me! It was such a unique and beautiful experience that I find it hard to describe in words.

I will still try to paint the picture for you......we began by cruising through the dessert in our Jeep visiting all the major places in wadi rum stopping for lunch which was made by our lovely guide on fire while we rested on a mat under the shade of a tree and our Jeep. The highlight came when evening fell and we were at our camp....this was nothing but a cave open at the top.

After setting up the seating area with mats and blankets for us he lit the fire, prepared Bedouin tea and we enjoyed every sip of it in the cold weather. We roamed clicking pictures trying to capture the beauty of the place and then came back to a freshly prepared grilled chicken dinner. We slept under the stars while the fire turned to embers and woke up to another round of tea and left after having a filling breakfast.

There was not a soul in sight, complete quiet, cold evening, warm fire, beautiful dessert and countless stars. It was a piece of heaven!

Credits: We discovered this by looking at various Tripadvisor threads and the pictures are taken by us

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Yes, Petra is a must do when in Jordan. But what a lot of people don't know and sometimes despite knowing don't plan for is walking in Petra during the night.

"As I start my second walk to the Monastery in Petra during the day  I was wondering how different can Petra by night would be from Petra during the day ?

I am trying to pace myself to the Al Khazneh  (Treasury - the entrance to the city) not to rush as there is no light on the path, that is if you do not count the countless candles, flickering inside brown paper bags that caress the Siq, the natural creek in the rugged mountain that has hidden the city of Petra in its bowels for more than 2000 years.

If you have not been to Petra in the night you would have missed the magic that Petra stands for. But Petra by night is not only about the magic sprinkled by the candles it is also about standing in front of the magnificent facade that was carved out of stone with simple tools."

Out little tip: If you are as romantic a couple as we are then make sure you wait for the crowd to go up ahead so that you can walk in silence sans and flashing cameras to soak in the beauty of the sprinkling stars and the flickering candles at night.

Credits: Excerpts and pic from the blog linked here

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There would be many awesome sunset spots all over Jordan but this one seems interesting and particularly awesome 

"Tala Bay is a special zone located a few minutes outside of Aqaba and close to the Saudi Arabian border. Here you can find all-inclusive resorts and private beaches plus incredible views of the Red Sea and the mountainous landscape.

One of my favourite memories of Jordan is the day I took a sunset cruise from Aqaba to Tala Bay. Good music, local encounters and a good company sure made the journey a very pleasant one. Did I mention how epic the sunset was?"

Credits: Excerpts and pic from the blog linked here

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You will of course go to Madaba to see the byzantine-era  Mosaic Map in the St George's church. What you could do which is going to be super fun is to take a short class in mosaic making. It is super fun and I can say that for sure because I got a small taste of it when I went to this boutique store and bought a mosaic piece :).

"Madaba is mosaic city. Known for its byzantine and ummayad mosaics.What’s more, you can even have your name immortalised on a mosaic."

Credits: Excerpts from the blog linked herePic from the blog liked here

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For all the adventurer's out there, the outdoors lovers, this is something you can't miss when in Jordan.....it seems like pure bliss. This is something we didn't do and so wish we had!

"Trekking through the lowest nature reserve in the world turned out to be our most thrilling day during our time Jordan. The Wadi Mujib gorge houses some of the most spectacular cliffs we have ever witnessed and we were going to hike, swim, slide and abseil right down the centre of them all.

It is a day trip that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Jordan. So when you find yourself at the Dead Sea, make sure to grab a taxi and make your way out to Wadi Mujib. It is the most unique adventure in the country and an excellent break from the tours through ancient ruins and historical sights."

Credits: Excerpts and pic from the blog linked here

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things to do in jodan


Apart for the obvious food indulgences you will do when in the middle east, this seems like something super fun to do in the city of Amman. Again a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

"This is a little trendy road that has so many restaurants and shops along it. I cannot get over how many ice cream shops there were! Seriously, every 3 shops was ice cream. We went in the first one we saw and I have never seen anything like it… all shops should do ice cream this way! They had gelato and sorbets ON A STICK! THEN you choose a melted flavored chocolate to dip it in… THEN, before it dries you choose a candy to ROLL IT IN! then it dries and is the perfect layered customized popsicle!"

Credits: Excerpts and pic from the blog linked here

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things to do in jordan


One should not miss Aqaba when in Jordan. And when in Aqaba...if you are seeking a unique experience then this seems so cool...

"Something I’ve always wanted to do was swim in the Red Sea.  During our time in Aqaba we were able to head out on a boat and do some snorkelling in what had to be the clearest water I’ve ever seen. As we were cruising out into the sea, we couldn’t help but notice there were thousands of purple jellyfish in the water.

Looking back, I’ve gotta admit that it was a pretty cool experience, and one most people can’t say they’ve done.  So if you’re a big diver, make sure you check out the Red Sea for it’s incredibly clear water and jelly swims."

If you do decide to go for this then a water proof case for taking pictures underwater could be super useful - you can check it out here

Credits: Excerpts and pic from the blog linked here

*We ended up not putting it on our itinerary because it was at the other end of the country. Therefore a little tip from us in hindsight - if you are driving around then book a return flight from Aqaba instead of Amman.

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things to do in jordan


"Locals, especially the Bedouin community, have a long-standing tradition of wearing the ‘keffiyeh’. Get one, and not just to blend in; the scarf protects you like armour against the strong desert sun. It’s handy on desert hikes or at massive historic sites, and also works as a stylish scarf in the evenings.

Pick the classic red and white Jordanian one, or the gender-neutral black and white Palestinian one. Insider tip: ask the storekeeper you buy it from to teach you the traditional wrapping method. It's a great conversation starter."

Credits: Excerpts and pic from the blog linked here

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