I had decided a few years back that travelling is the best way one can spend their money and time. Hence, when the opportunity to go on a student exchange to the University of Strasbourg came my way while doing my MBA, I grabbed it with both hands and had a whale of a time. Thanks to the Eurail Pass, covered 14 countries in Europe in just 3 months - from the fjords of Norway till Greece. I was hooked.

The year after, went to UK, then Thailand for my honeymoon (luckily for me, my wife had the same outlook towards travel), then the USA for 2 months in 2012, followed by Greece (couldn't believe how perfect the beaches in Mykonos were!) in June 2013. We followed it up with a trip to Italy, France and Switzerland in Dec 2013 where we tried Airbnb for the first time and loved all our stays. We visited Jordan in Dec 2014, and enjoyed floating in the Dead Sea. Then came Scotland in May, 2015 for 11 heavenly days followed by a quick Dubai getaway

2016, took us to Japan which was by far one of our most memorable trips. What a country and amazing people. Sri Lanka beckoned us in 2017 along with a family visit to Wisconsin cum a quick trip to Chicago, US.

These are just the international trips but there have been a host of domestic trips we keep taking throughout the years too.

I love food - both cooking and eating (though don't have a great appetite), and not just Indian, but Italian, Thai, Chinese - pretty much the whole range. I am bad with languages but never stop trying 🙂

Looking forward to our trips to Munnar in August and then Iceland in November!